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About Us

„We are family…”

Our family band, the APSONS (Apaceller, Peter and Sons) has celebrated its 20-year anniversary of its foundation 2015.
On this occasion, a grand gala concerts were organized on the outdoor stage of the castle in Pecsvarad in August 14th. The concert was divided into four parts, that was 4x5 years, so we built up the show in accordance with those eras and played the most frequently performed songs by the band.
Nearly 700 people honored and celebrated our anniversary with us. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience!

In 1995 we formed a well-qualified and unique band. In addition to the blood relation, we also link to each other through the love and respect of music from the beginning.

Over the past two decades, we performed a lot all over the world. However, our aim is not to keep the number of places and events we have already played, but to pass everything that the joy of playing music together gives us on audiences on the highest standard and with pleasure at home and abroad.

In addition to our own compositions we selected our repertoire of the hits of inland and international performers and bands who emphasized the importance of quality live music in the '60s, '70s, '80s and represent today like we also do.
On our fantastic, youthful verve retro parties whether it's on festivals, corporate or family events, a wedding party or a clubconcert, we perform vintage-style instruments on our professional light and sound technique and if needed, we are wearing authentic costumes to evoke the golden age of Beat, Rock & Roll, Pop, Rock, Funk, Disco Fever and Country. Thank you for visiting our website and hope we welcome you among our partners soon!

Good wishes for browsing!

Apaceller, Peter „Dad” – drums
Apaceller-Czigola, Orsi – leadvocals, guitar
Apaceller, Peter jr – keyboard, vocals
Apaceller, Gergely – bass, vocals
Apaceller, Balazs – solo- and rhythm guitar


"I know I’ve found in You, My Endless Love"

… So if you really feel it about each other, you will surely soon be connecting your lives. Everone wants to make this single moment to be unforgettable. Those moments when you say “I will”, it can be even more beautiful and memorable if the ceremony accompanies with live music and performance.

The band's singer and pianist have been turning these moments special for many years. We are eager to cooperate on both civil and church ceremony. For more info you check out:

The crowning of this unrepeatable day can be a fantastic wedding party with the Apsons band.
Contact us because in addition to the live music service, we can give you lots of ideas and advice with our twenty years of experience and flexibility. If needed we can coordinate and host the evening, either English or German.

... And why do you choose us, dear Engaged Couple? Check out the video below:

Band packages

APSONS Weddings Standard
APSONS Weddings Standard

  • 5 piece band (female singer is included)
  • professional sound & light
  • music playing on CD during dinnertime
  • Live music service:
    7 pm – dinnertime: Coctail music
    After lunch (aprox. 9 pm) – Wedding cake (aprox. 10.30 pm): Apsons Party
    After wedding cake (aprox. 11 pm) – aprox. Midnight: Apsons Party
    Midnight – 1.00 am: Apsons Party
    After Midnight dinner (aprox. 1.30 am) – 3.00 am: Apsons Party
  • Bride dance with Apsons band
APSONS Weddings Extra

  • 6 piece band (female singer and a saxophon player are included)
  • DJ or Duo (keyboard, guitar and vocals)
  • professional sound & light
  • music playing on CD during dinnertime
  • Live music service: 7 pm – dinnertime: DJ or Duo (Coctail music)
    After lunch (aprox. 9 pm) – Wedding cake (aprox. 10.30 pm): Apsons Party
    After wedding cake (aprox. 11 pm) – aprox. Midnight: Apsons Party
    Bride dance with Apsons band
    After bride dance (aprox. 0.30 am) – Midnight dinner (aprox. 1 am): DJ or Duo
    After Midnight dinner (aprox. 1.30 am) – 3 am: DJ or Duo

APSONS Weddings Extra


”Pull it better, let the work go well”

… The boss shouts into the workers’ ears, but sometimes he is gracious and presents an exclusive party to which our band is the perfect choice in appearance and music sounds. The satisfaction of our partners who have been booked us for years is the evidence of it. Of course, we are also happy to perform on family and friendly gatherings.


... sounds in the Creedence Clearwater Revival's hit from 1969 and we really strive to make audience feel the boogie, whether it's on an outdoor festival, clubconcert or a university party....

Band packages

APSONS Events Standard
  • 5 piece band (a female singer is included)
  • 2 technicians
  • professional sound & light
  • music playing on CD during gathering and dinnertime
  • Live music service:
    After dinner: Apsons Party (4x50 minutes, 15 minutes breaks)

  • 5 piece band (female singer is included)
  • 2 technicians
  • Live concert show – 60 minutes
  • 6 piece band (a female singer and a saxophon player are included)
  • 2 technicians
  • DJ or Duo (keyboard, guitar and vocals)
  • professional sound & light
  • music playing on CD during dinnertime
  • Live music service:
    7 pm – dinnertime: DJ or Duó (Coctail music)
    After dinner - Apsons Party (4x50 minutes ,15 minutes breaks)
    After Apsons Party – 3.am: DJ or Duo

  • 6 piece band (a female singer and a saxophon player are included)
  • 2 technicians
  • Live concert show – 90 minutes
APSONS Events Extra




Our promotional video

Apsons 20 - the concert


More videos are here:



A diszkó királynő (Neoton)
A hard day’s night (Beatles)
Alice (Smokie)
A night like this (Caro Emerald)
Achy breaky heart (Billy Ray Cyrus)
All my loving (Beatles)
Állj meg kislány (Ihász Gábor)
Always on my mind (Elvis Presley)
Amarillo (Tony Christie)
Amikor az álom (Ihász Gábor)
Apám hitte (Metro)
Árva fiú (Cserháti Zsuzsa)
Az első villamos (Fonográf)
Az utcán (Illés)
Azért vannak a jó barátok (Máté Péter)
Baby (Lobo)
Babylon (Boney M)
Bang a boomerang (ABBA)
Bad Moon Rising (Creedence C.R.)
Beautiful Sunday (Daniel Boone)
Blame it on the boogie (Jackson 5)
Blowin’ in the wind (Bob Dylan)
Blue suede shoes (Carl Perkins)
Blueberry Hill (Fats Domino)
Bolond kis életünk (Ihász Gábor)
Brown eyed girl (Van Morrison)
Bye, bye love (Everly Brothers)
Calendar girl (Neil Sedaka)
Can’t buy me love (Beatles)
Can’t take my eyes off you (Frankie Valli)
Carolina (Szécsi Pál)
Change the world (Eric Clapton)
Come on let’s go (Ritchie Valens)
Country Roads (Olivia Newton-John)
Crocodile rock (Elton John)
Csavard fel a szőnyeget (Hungária)
Csavargó ének (Gemini)
Csókkirály (Hungária)
Csöngess be hozzám jó barát (Generál)
Dancing Queen (ABBA)
Dédapám (Skorpió)
Disco Inferno (Trammps)
Don Quijote (Neoton)
Don’t go breaking my heart (Elton John & Keke Dee)
Don’t know why (Norah Jones)
Down on the corner (Creedence C.R.)
Édes kisfiam (Cserháti Zsuzsa)
Egyedül élsz (Máté Péter)
Elmegyek (Máté Péter)
Első sorban ült (Fonográf)
Elszáll a gondom (Ihász Gábor)
Embertelen dal (LGT)
Érzem szebb ma minden (Fonográf)
Every breath you take (Police)
Félig sem szerelem (M7)
Fileds of gold (Sting)
From me to you (Beatles)
Gedeon bácsi (Szécsi Pál)
Gimme some lovin’ (Spencer Davis Group)
Green, green grass of home (Tom Jones)
Ha én szél lehetnék (Omega)
Ha szombat este táncol (Neoton)
Hafanana (Afric Simon)
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
Have you ever see the Rain (Creedence C.R.)
Hello Mary Lou (Rickey Nelson)
Here come’s the sun (Beatles)
Hogyha szárnyaim lennének (Korda György)
Holnap hajnalig (Neoton)
Honey, honey (ABBA)
Honky-tonk woman (Rolling Stones)
Hopelessly devoted to you (Olivia Newton-John)
Hot stuff (Donna Summer)
Hotel Mentol (Hungária)
Hound dog (Elvis Presley)
House of the rising sun (Animals)
How long (Eagles)
Hozd el (Szűcs Judit)
Húsz év múlva (Komár László)
I can see clearly now (Jimmy Cliff)
I can’t help falling in love with you (Elvis Presley)
I feel good (James Brown)
I just called to say I love you (Stevie Wonder)
I love rock and roll (Joan Jett &  the Blackhearts)
I saw her standing there (Beatles)
I started a joke (Bee Gees)
I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)
I wish (Stevie Wonder)
I’m a believer (Monkees)
I’ve gotta get a message to you (Bee Gees)
If I had a hammer (Trini Lopez)
Így is jó (Metro)
Imagine (John Lennon)
It takes two baby (Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston)
Itt állok egymagamban (Illés)
Jelszó: Love, szeretet (Bergendy)
Johnny „B” goode (Chuck Berry)
Jöjj el (Neoton)
Jöjj hozzám (Expressz)
Jöjj kedvesem (Fonográf)
Jöjj vissza vándor (Bergendy)
Keep on running (Spencer Davis Group)
Kégli dal (Illés)
Kétszázhúsz felett (Neoton)
Kicsi gyere velem (Cserháti Zsuzsa)
Kislány vigyázz (Expressz)
Kismadár (Szécsi Pál)
Knockin’ on heaven’s door (Bob Dylan)
Kócos ördögök (Metro)
Kövér a nap (Generál)
Last waltz (Engelbert Humperdinck)
Lay down Sally (Eric Clapton)
Let me be there (Olivia Newton-John)
Let’s twist again (Chubby Checker)
Levél a távolból (Fonográf)
Listen to the music (Doobie Brothers)
Long train running (Doobie Brothers)
Love is in the air (John-Paul Young)
Love will keep us alive (Eagles)
Lucky Lips (Cliff Richard)
Made in Hungária (Fenyő Miklós)
Mamma mia (ABBA)
Massachusetts (Bee Gees)
Me and You and the dog named Boo (Lobo)
Még fáj minden csók (Illés)
Mégegyszer (Club 54)
Megemelem a kalapomat (Ihász Gábor)
Micimackó (Halász Judit)
Midnight special (Creedence C.R.)
Miénk ez a cirkusz (LGT)
Mindig ugyanúgy (Bergendy)
Miszter Alkohol (Koncz Zsuzsa)
Monday Morning (Melanie Fiona)
Mondd, hogy szép volt az este (Korda György)
Mosolyod vígasztal (Fonográf)
Most múlik pontosan (Quimby)
Múlnak a gyermekévek (Ihász Gábor)
My Way (Frank Sinatra)
Ne félj semmit (Expressz)
Ne gondold (Illés)
Nemcsak a húszéveseké a világ (Aradszky László)
Nem lehet boldogságot venni (M7)
Nézz rám itt vagyok (Illés)
Nika se perimeno (Delhusa Gjon)
Nincs arra szó (M7)
No milk today (Herman’s Hermits)
Nyár van (Neoton)
Nyári Mikulás (Fenyő Miklós)
Obladi-oblada (Beatles)
Oh Carol (Neil Sedaka)
Okosabban kéne élni (Apostol)
Ott állsz az út végén (Máté Péter)
Perfect day (Lou Red)
Petróleumlámpa (Omega)
Play that funky music (Wild Cherry)
Pretty woman (Roy Orbison)
Proud Mary (Tina Turner)
Que sera, sera (Doris Day)
Release me (Engelbert Humperdinck)
Rolling in the deep (Adele)
Romantika (Metro)
Sajtból van a hold (Bergendy)
Save your kisses for me (Brotherhood of man)
Simply the best (Tina Turner)
Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
Song sung blue (Neil Diamond)
Something stupid (Frank & Nancy Sinatra)
Spanish eyes (Al Martino)
Stumbling in (Chris Normann & Suzie Quattro)
Sugar, sugar (Archies)
Summer holiday (Cliff Richard)
Sunny (Boney M)
Sway (Dean Martin)
Sweet home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Sweet sixteen (Neil Sedaka)
Szerelemvonat (Demjén Ferenc)
Szólj rám, ha hangosan énekelek (LGT)
Táncolj még (Szűcs Judit)
Tánctanár a bácsikám (Cserháti Zsuzsa)
Tavaszi hangok (Szűcs Judit)
Te is jársz néha tilosban (Bergendy)
Tears in heaven (Eric Clapton)
The Girl from Yestersay (Eagles)
The lazy song (Bruno Mars)
The young ones (Cliff Richard)
There’s a kind of hush (Herman’s Hermits)
Things we said today (Beatles)
This love (Maroon 5)
Tie a yellow ribbon (Tony Orlando)
To love somebody (Bee Gees)
To make me you fell my love (Adele)
Turn me on (Norah Jones)
Twist and shout (Beatles)
Up around the band (Creedence C. R.)
Utazás (Fonográf)
Újra itt van (Illés)
Valahol egy lány (Koncz Zsuzsa)
Válaszolj nekem (Ihász Gábor)
Venus (Shocking Blue)
Vetkőzés (Somló Tamás & Udvaros Dorottya)
Vidéki sanzon (Magna cum laude)
We are family (Sister Sledge)
What a feeling (Irene Cara)
Words (Bee Gees)
You are the sunshine (Stevie Wonder)
Young hearts run free (Candy Staton)
Záporeső (Liza)
Zöld szemem kék (Koncz Zsuzsa)
67-es út (Republic)


If it is required, we have our own sound and light equipment that is satisfactory in any condition, even in outdoor events, and we have a contact with the most well-known technicians of the region.

If the sound and light is provided on the event, they can use the rider found below.
In this case we bring our own technician, who mixes the sound from outside.

Frequently asked questions

The standard line-up of the Apsons is five people. We do not perform in fewer persons. In our extra packages we have gigs with a saxophone player and work with a DJ or a Duo.

We have more hours of dance music repertoire, the maximum hours of live music is 6 hours. We play the length of 50-60 minute blocks of music taking 15 to 20 minute breaks between them. During the breaks quality background music will be provided. With the length of the musical blocks we take into consideration the needs of the public, as well as the event´s scenario.
The total cost of the band is the onset net fee + 27 % VAT which contains the fees, the sound and light fee , and the travel expenses in and around Pecs, Baranya as well. Over 25 km of traveling , travel expenses will be charged.
The band requires a minimum of 3x2 meters, ideally at least 4x3 meters stable stage, podium or technical area. Outside the same 6x4x1,2 meters ( ballet carpeted ) is needed and an appropriate stage covering should always be made to the safety regulations and standards ! Below 15 degrees we ask for minimum heating of both sides of the stage.

It depends on the accessibility of the venue but generally, after arrival we need 2-3 hours to be ready.

If it fits the band´s repertoire, and later it can be used in the show, we undertake to learn one request song per event for free. Please notify us your need at least 30 days before the show! We can learn more songs for extra costs.
During dinner background music will be provided from laptop.
The band has a particular repertoire, which was compiled by the style and skills of the members, singers and instrumental musicians and the needs of the general public. We omit anything on request, but the further compilation of the repertoire is a professional issue and the privilege of the band leader.
We require lockable, clean dressing room with chairs, hangers, lights and power supply, washbasion, and shower in summer as possible. We require soft drinks, mineral water, and coffee to be prepared in the dressing room. Furthermore, if it is possible, we ask you for one hot meal. The band and its technical staff avoid alcohol consumption for the entire duration of the event!
With our costumes the band adapt to the expectations of the event, and its level of mood. In general, casual but elegant style is preferred, on weddings and corporate events we usually wear black-white-red colour combinations. On the retro vintage-style concerts we act in special costumes and vintag-style musical instruments.
In addition to our mother tongue we speak English and German and we also host the event. Over the past 20 years, we provide a great atmosphere on many international weddings, corporate events, conferences, festivals and luxury cruise ships at home and abroad as well.
The booking can be done by e-mail or on the contact you can find a messaging e-mail option. After you give your personal data (in case of company, the registered office and tax identification number is required) and the exact details of the event (time, location, accessibility of the venue, number, age group and nationality of guests, length of required live music) we make up a contract plan, which will be signed after common perusal and interpretation.

Any public performances or rehearsals.

Other third parties are allowed to use the band´s sound system but the personal equipment, microphones, musical instruments may not be used.






Apaceller, Peter Jr.
band leader